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Do right by your dog by training them to make good decisions and gain lifeskills in a positive way. We will teach you how to train your dog and open communication so you form a long lasting and fullfilling relationship based on trust and mutual understanding

1to 1 Training

Learn how to build focus, communication and training techniques in our 1to1 training sessions. This is perfect for people who want to teach their dog specific behaviours and commands. Starts from the basics and build up distance, duration and distractions by using positive training techniques.

1 hour session: £55


Puppy Training

Have a head start with your puppy. Learn how to manage your puppy, foster good habits, teach them the skills and basic training they need to grow up to be a good dog. Perfect for people who never had a puppy before or have kids who would like to get involved. Get personalised advice on how to get ready for your new puppy.
1 hour session: £30



Are you puzzled, frustrated, worried, angry or scared of your dog's behaviour? 

Get to understand why your dog is behaving that way and what they are trying to communicate by booking a behavioural assessment with one of our experienced trainer. By assessing your dog's personality and behaviour, your trainer will give you tailor made advice on why the behaviour is occuring, what to do to manage it and how to enrich your dog's life to turn bad habits into good ones. Learn to enjoy your walks and regain your peaceful home life again. Once the behaviour assessment is complete, we can then move to the 1on1 training until you feel comfortable and happy in your relationship with your dog.
Behaviour Assessment: £120




Looking to add a dog/puppy to your family? Consult with our professional dog trainers to help you determine the right dog for you. Take the stress and uncertainty about adoption and learn all about breeds, temperaments, the different stages of a dog's life and what you will need to successfully intergrate your dog/puppy to your family.

Pre-adoption consultation: £55