Our wonderful logo designed by the talented Louise Harding Morris

WalkWagPlay are officially Trademarked with our logo! We are so pleased to have secured the rights to this wonderful logo designed by Louise Harding Morris. This is just another milestone in our ever growing dog walking and training business in wonderful Cardiff. Thanks for your support and we are so happy to be contributing to the amazing community that is Pontcanna and Cardiff.

Business days for 2016 Holiday period

Find out when we are closed for the holidays

Happy Holidays!

We will be closed over the festive period from the 24-27 December 2016 and 1-2 January 2017. 


Partners: Ben McManus, Edith Nackers and Alessia Longhi

Founded on National Dog Day

Our aim is to provide enjoyable walks for your dog and allow them to enjoy themselves in a safe and fun environment. We want every dog we walk and train to be a good canine citizen.

So if you think your dog could benefit from additional exercise or a one-on-one training session, please get in touch.

If you are only here for the cute dog pics:

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Stop, it's logo time!

We are really proud to show off our amazing logo. Designed and hand drawn by the super talented, graphic design artist, Louise Harding Morris, it is unique to us and our brand. We are so pleased with how it came out and we think it really reflect who we are as a company, WalkWagPlay.

Trademark pending!

Providing a volunteering opportunity to Lydia for her DoEA

Community involvement

Welcome Lydia to WalkWagPlay as she will be volunteering as a Dog Walker Trainee in this wet and wild Welsh weather as part of accomplishing her Duke of Edinburgh Award! We are very proud to be sharing with her our incites on how to provide exceptional customer service, showing her modern dog handling techniques and welfare and giving her advice and guidance on how to start a new business.

Hopefully, these skills will help her gain experience business world and will provide her with tools on how to become an entrepreneur of the future. We want to provide Lydia with "the opportunity to be the very best [she] can be" as part of her DoEA! 

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