We want to provide your dog with all essential competences to integrate in his social context, in order to achieve a happy and fulfilling life with his family

Alessia is a certified dog trainer through FICSS

We offer one-on-one training based on a cognitive-zooanthropologic approach

Learn with your dogs the basics of Focus, Recall and Loose Lead Walk in our workshops and one-to-one sessions.

Have a head start with your puppy: ask us a tailored educative project through his life stages, to teach your puppy

all life skills he needs to be a happy good citizen.

In all our educative projects we help your dog's personality to emerge, whilst promoting with positive and force free activities:

- pro-sociality, the ability to address social relation

- balance, of the emotional, motivational, arousal asset

- integration in the environment the dog lives

- resilience, the capacity to overcome difficulties and being autonomous

- reflexivity and mental flexibility to avoid impulsive behaviour.

Accredited by

FICSS - Italian Federation of Canine sports

Qualified at

SIUA - School of Human-Animal Interation -

Seminars: Dog Parkour, Nosework, Aggressive Behaviour, Calming Signals, Engagement through Motivation.