Meet the WalkWagPlay team


Dog walker and trainer

Hi, I’m Alessia and I'm all about dogs, whether small or big, happy or grumpy; young or old I love them all!


I've been walking around the wonderful Cardiff's Parks with your dogs for the last 5 years and thanks to my 10 years experience as a volunteer in rescues and as dog trainer you can be assured that your dogs are in good hands. Each dog I meet is a new world to me, I love to get to know him and create trust...

and off we go to new adventures whether your dog likes exploring the woods, playing with his buddies or running around!


My motto his “discover a new word through dog's eyes....and nose ”. My objective in all my training projects is to improve the life of each single dog, helping him and his family to create a strong relationship. With me, your dog will learn the life skills he needs to take the right decision and be well behaved in his living environment.


Dog walker

Hello, I’m Ben and I've lived and worked with dogs in Pontcanna with my wife Edee since 2014.


Walking and caring for the dogs of Cardiff has filled a void that only a furry canine could. We’re lucky to live in such a green city with so much open space and things to see, and it’s my aim to ensure that your dog gets to experience that as well.

I want to go above and beyond your expectations of just walking your dog and will look to bond with them. I’m fascinated by individual dog’s personalities and idiosyncrasies, whether breed specific or otherwise, and I look to make the most out of every experience.


Dog walker and trainer

My name is Edee and I am originally from a small farming community in Canada. Since moving to Cardiff with my husband Ben, we find ourselves lucky to be part of such a great community. 

The reason I wanted to be part of WalkWagPlay is that I love dogs and working outdoors. I have handled hundreds of dogs in my career and they all have their own personality traits that makes loveable. Every dog has something that makes them unique and I love to see it shine in every dog. 


My aim is to build a relationship with your dog and to find activities that we both like doing together. I want to fulfill your dog's needs to travel, to have friendships and to play. I want your dog to think I'm worth following and that going to WalkWagPlay is just awesome.


 I’m Catrin and I’m completely crazy about dogs! I have three dogs of my own and have also been working as a dog walker for the past few years (with a little time off in the middle due to a broken ankle!) I always make sure I bond with the dogs I walk by giving them time to learn to trust me.


I love tuning in to what the dog wants out of a walk, be it a relaxing sniff walk, or chasing balls, or playing with other dogs, or just hanging out with me. Or best of all, a walk filled with all of these! I believe that every walk is special and that each dog should go home feeling as though they’ve had the best walk ever - until the next time! 

Dog walker


Dog walker

Hi I’m Josie,


I have loved dogs since having two as a child & now have one of my own who is my best friend & constant companion on adventures. I find being spending time with dogs to be an endless source of love, fun and fulfilment  & I couldn’t be happier to be walking dogs as part of the Walk Wag Play family!

I love to connect with each dog & discover their unique personalities and what each enjoys from their walk time, whether it be playing ball, playing with other dogs, or a relaxed pace & lots of cuddles!


Dog walker

Hi everybody! 


My name is Natalie and I'm massively passionate about animals! Having worked in the hospitality and childcare industries for over ten years, I recently took a break to travel, become self employed and look more into health, nutrition and wellbeing. I'm a massive advocate for mental health and enjoy working with people in the community, especially youths, to help them learn more about this. 


Being part of WWP is wonderful for me, as a proud rescue-cat mum, sharing a permanent home with another furry friend isn't really suitable for us - so walking them is a brilliant solution! (The odd one is even allowed to stay with us occasionally - with Prince Ringo's permission of course! ) 


I care for all animals as the sentient beings they are - encouraging them to feel safe and happy in my care and enjoying themselves while in my company - which is always full of adventures and affection! They're my number one priority when I'm with them and although I'm still learning about training and behaviours, you can rest assured your furry babies are loved and looked after as much as possible by me. I do all I can to learn about their individuality and what they love most. Which is what WWP is all about! 


Dog walker

I have been working with WalkWagPlay since February 2019 and have loved every minute of it, even the ones in the pouring rain!


Although my career background is in film-making, content creation and corporate video, I am a huge animal lover and more specifically I adore dogs. Growing up, my family and I had two dogs, a Border Collie called Jade and a Belgian Shepard dog called Max. They were very special to me and gave me and my family hours of fun, exercise and joy.


I got great fulfillment from spending time with them, be it long walks or sleepy cuddles. I spent time at dog training classes and many years of attending dog shows and even participating in some events. My mum and our dog Max even reached Crufts one year.


I have added to these experiences with learnnig so much in my time with WWP and hope to learn so much more and I've also completed a dog first aid course. I've loved playing fetch, having cuddles and going on the long walks with all the new dogs I've met and I can't wait to bond further with the dogs I walk regularly.


Dog walker

Hi my name is Jess. Although I have only been with Walk Wag Play, for a short time I am loving all my experiences so far and have the pleasure of walking your lovely dogs. I have 5 dogs of my own, which I adore and love spending time with.

Dog Agility is my passion, I train or teach usually 5 nights a week from Beginners to dogs who are already competing.  I am currently part of the Wales Junior Dog Agility Team, who compete annually at the Open Junior Agility Championships. I also qualified to complete in Holland at the age of 16 at the World Championships.

Working at WWP, I hope to share my experiences from trainings dogs and help every dog to feel  enriched and thoroughly happy after their walk, with maybe some agility training thrown in.  

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Dog walker

Hi my name is Shannon,


I have grown up with a variety of animals and we have always had multiple dogs at home.

When I was seven, I started to compete at Cani X with my dogs, winning several championships. I now have a Huntaway dog that I want to bring to work and do agility, Mantrailing and flyball with, expanding my animal interests.

I have recently finished college having complete two year of equine studies as I also enjoy horse riding and competing at local shows.

I have always had a passion for animals so becoming a member of WalkWagPlay is enabling me to further develop my dog knowledge and have a carrer doing something I really enjoy.


Dog walker

Hi, my name is Maria,

I have over twenty years' experience of working with children and all the joy that brings., but I decided that I wanted a new challenge and change in career. This led me to the idea of becoming a dog walker as animals have always been a passion of mine since I was a child.

I currently have six dogs of my own along with a selection of other animals who are my pride and joy and are spoiled rotten.

As a family, we have participated at Cani X for many years, which has been a great fun and exciting way to see the country whilst spending time with our dogs. My aim for this job is to give your dogs a wonderful experience and to treat them the way I would treat my own.

Maria - Dog Walker - Cardiff
Doris Dog Walker Cardiff WalkWagPlay


Dog walker

Hi, I'm Doris,

I count myself lucky enough to have recently joined the WWP team. I inherited my love of the outdoors and thurst for knowledge about animals from my grandfather who was a vet.

Since my dog Django came into my life in 2013, I have learned a vast amount about dog training, psychology, and behaviour. He is a Border Collie / Doberman mix who has shown my partner and I that simply walking, cuddling, and feeding a dog is not always enough. The training I completed with my dog includes advanced Obedience, Agility and Scent Work.

Like so many others, I re-assessed my priorities during the pandemic which led to me giving up my office job in order to follow my heart instead.. which is big enough to love and care for each and every dog that is entrusted to me. My aim is to become an expert in canine behaviour.