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WalkWagPlay Best Muzzles 2022

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

WalkWagPlay muzzle recommendations:

Baskerville Muzzle size 7

Baskerville Basket Muzzle; Closed and rigid, this muzzle offers great bite protection at an affordable price. It’s lightweight design even comes with a removable guard so you can cut out a treats dispensing hole at the front to train with but replace the guard in the muzzle to ensure maximum safety in high bite-risk situations

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle: Great value and versatile. Its design is easy to clean and clip on/off. Easy for the dog to eat and drink through and for you to dispense treats. Can be softened and moulded once immersed in hot water for a few minutes to fit your dog better.

Truffle Muzzle: Bespoke muzzles handmade in various colours and charms available. They are made of biothane which is lightweight, waterproof and flexible.

Don Pare: Best for narrow faced dogs. This affordable muzzle has been specifically designed to fit on long dogs during racing. It’s a lightweight and open design allows the dog full range of panting drinking and easy treats dispensing

Buma Muzzle: It comes in various colours and is custom made based on your dog’s measurements. You can buy various accessories to add to the muzzle making it your own. Perfect for hard to fit dogs with breed specific designs.

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