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What kind of trainer are you?

Obedience: They enjoy reinforcing obedience and discipline for their dogs. Their dogs have specific verbal and physical cues for various trained behaviours with the aim that the dog will perform on cue reliably. They have a training plan for proofing their dogs on Distance, Duration and Distraction. This is a style that lends well for training working dogs to ensure a dog’s reliability in performing behaviours.

Freeshaper: The freeshaper is able to use their intuition and observation skills to connect and communicate with their dogs. Connectors rely mostly on body language, hand gestures and markers to keep the dog in control and navigate situations. Freeshapers tends to prefer to capture behaviours rather than sticking to a training protocol. This style tends to lend well to trick training and getting the dog to use their wits to solve problems.

Coach: Go team! The Coach is where most training relationships start between a trainer and a dog. Coaches will rely on both verbal and physical cues to work with the dogs and prioritise working as a team to achieve a goal. Coaches provide the dogs a lot of luring, rewards and encouragement to perform but allow some freedom of expression from their dogs. Coaches encourage their dogs to win at training.

Cwtchy: Cwtchy trainers don't enforce strict rules, boundaries and limitations. They see their dogs as an individual and allow them to have freedom of expression and share their space freely. Cwtchy trainers tend to have strong emotional bonds with their dogs and allow their dogs to express dog culture.

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